3hd is a Berlin-based IRL and URL festival created by the founders of Creamcake.

Editorial piece for 3hd Festival's online content. An essay by Adam Harper entitled

"Joy 2016" about Beethoven's 9th Symphony, dystopian times, and the future of club music.

Editorial piece for 3hd's 2016 "The Sound of a Better World", a panel discussion

that questions the way that music engages with and impacts politics, social issues,

and how our modes of communication have changed via the internet.

"The question is if and how music can be a catalyst for social change today."

For his essay on the online platform of 3hd Festival as well as in his talk on October 13th

at Vierte Welt, music theorist and critic Adam Harper is elaborating on the

consequences of the voted Brexit in July 2016.

Body In Context

A candid 'Call and Response'-style discussion between four women-artists for honest musings, confessions and reflections on the visibility, value and performance of different bodies.

Giving their own context for the cultural, political and, above all, personal value and representation of our physical selves, along with the bank-breaking consumerism

related to its upkeep. Panelists: Uniiqu3, Vika Kirchenbauer, Neda Sanai

Michael Waugh - Memes a new form of musical expression

In his lecture at 3hd Festival, Waugh, who completed his doctoral thesis in 2016 about Post-Internet identity and its impact on musical production, distribution and consumption, utilizes the symbiotic Post-Internet relationship as a platform on which he builds an analysis of the impact of social media on today’s musical expression. He studies musicians whose output displays (not always self-consciously) an aesthetic and thematic affinity with social networking phenomena such as over sharing, participatory culture, self-celebritisation, information overload, and memes.

Cover for DJWWWW's mix for Creamcake "Candy & Creamcake"

I also released an EP Pink Freak with 333 Boyz on 3hd's online platform last year.

Check it out by clicking the image above. (cover art by Liam Morrison)


We also teamed up with Norwegian art duo Aurora Sander for a special format

interview to follow up the EP, which you can see/hear here.