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Aus Dem Hinterhalt: La sonnambula
Deutsche Oper Berlin (DE), 2019

Video backdrops for Ben Jackson and Tielse’s reinterpretation of Vincenzo Bellini’s opera semiseria.

Curated by Alexandra Holtsch

“As part of the series AUS DEM HINTERHALT at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, electronic producers Tielsie and Ben Jackson have radically reinterpreted the opera "La Sonnambula" by Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini. Together, they have dedicated themselves to the pastoral romantic opera "La Sonnambula", which is about the village orphan Amina, whose love and engagement are thrown into chaos when she sleepwalks. The two artists locate the new interpretation of "La Sonnambula" in the space of Amina's dream. The dream becomes a prismatic space in which they absorb the musical and physical content of the opera and metamorphose its structures, textures and sensations in their own dreams.”
-Musicboard Berlin


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