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2038 x Striking Mass (pt. I)
Weydingerstr. 10 Offspace
29.01 - 29.02.2022
Berlin (DE)

Group exhibition currated by Olaf Grawert and Ludwig Engel

To mark the closing of 2038 - The New Serenity, the German Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, a group exhibition was held at Weydingerstr. Offspace. It partnered my solo exhibition Striking Mass, opening simultaneously. The work Phasing Mass I, a large print on mesh and a horizontal reconfiguration of Phasing Mass II from my exhibition at Brandlhuber+ Prototyping Workshop was exhibited, creating a dialogue between two very different spaces in contrasting parts of the city. The print was accompanied by two prints on aluminum, works which were featured in The Arts of the Working Class magazine, as part of their collaboration with 2038 - The New Serenity.

"Even if exclusively using materials and techniques of today to materialize his images, Lubicz's practice is in some respectessentially a painting and collaging practice, connecting it to the history of art and particularly historically innovative moments for painting. Compare for instance Lubicz's practice with the innovation of plein air painting. The technological evolution of the paints allowed for the art making to take place in a new environment, occupying new spaces where the character of the artwork also changed with these changing surroundings. As is abundantly clear to anyone familiar with digital visual culture, Lubicz fully inhabits the quasi- metaphysical space which we call the Internet or digital culture."
- Mikael Brkic and Olaf Grawert (press release excerpt)

Phasing Mass I - 10 x 3.65 meter print on mesh
Striking Mass IV - 69 x 89 cm print on aluminum
Striking Mass: 2038 - 89 x 69 cm print on aluminum

photos: Gernot Seeliger, 2022

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