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Striking Mass (pt. II)
Brandlhuber+ prototyping workshop
29.01 - 29.02.2022
Berlin (DE)

Solo exhibition, currated by Olaf Grawert

Striking Mass features two dense digital works actualized as large scale prints on mesh, hung from a frame built to the size of the room. The works were accompanied by a suite of prints on raw aluminum. Using material from Brandlhuber+'s archive, imagery from the surrounding area as well as online sources, the works examine themes relating to the collective memory of spaces, as well as isolation resulting from digital immersion. Examining the neighborhood and social architecture of Lichtenberg as a starting point, the show incorporates historical imagery from the architecture offices of Brandlhuber+, located in a former DDR factory, who's two towers loom above the Don Xuan Center, a large Asian wholesale market. Phasing Mass I activates the space, as a tower within a tower.

"It is in fact the absence of any sort of total unity which gives the work such a distinct feeling of bellowing to the historical moment of now, fleshing out abstract multiple roads not-yet-taken and a basic feeling ofinsecurity and not-knowing.”
- Mikael Brkic and Olaf Grawert (press release excerpt)

Phasing Mass II -
3.65 x 10 meter print on mesh
Floating Mass - 1 x 10 meter print on mesh
Lone En Masse - 69 x 89 cm, three panels, prints on aluminum
Striking Mass I - III - 85 x 35 cm, three panels, prints on aluminum
Impersonal Mass - 69 x 89 cm print on aluminum

photos: Gernot Seeliger, 2022

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