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Zimska Ruža (Winter Rose)
Dom Kulture
08.09 - 08.10.2021
Veli Iž, Iž (HR)

Initiated by Mikael Brkić, Balz Tschopp, and Tobias Kaspar

Group show with Nadja Abt, Mercedes Ardelius, Mercedes Ardelius, Zoe Barcza, Eric Bell, Viktor Fordell, Kristoffer Frick, Timothy Furey, Edgars Gluhovs, Nina Hollensteiner, Kristijan Hranić, Erik Lavesson, Ida Lennartsson, Eva Milošic, Ksenia Pedan, Seth Pick, Albert Pischel, George Rippon, and Camilla Steinum.

The group exhibition Zimska Ruža (Winter Rose) was held in the Dom Kulture, a historic theatre and house of culture located in Veli Iz, on the island of Iz, Croatia. It is the only theatre existing on the Dalmatian islands aside from one on the larger island of Hvar. Proper Time is a large-scale print on mesh, which, considering the spatial context, adopts the role of a theatrical backdrop. The work visualizes the celebration changing seasons, while also serving as a reflection on enivornmental changes. It is accompanied by a print on mesh, Untitled, which hangs above the staircase, leading to the work on the second floor.


Proper Time - 10 x 1 meter print on mesh
Untitled - 2 x 3.5 meter print on mesh
both works permanently installed

photos: Marco Carraro, 2021

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