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Arts of the Working Class (DE)
Issue No. 120, 2021

Works featured accompanying texts from 2038 - The New Serenity.

“This is how we look as a global community: Arts of the Working Class launches its two-sided cover for the first iteration of 2038, the German pavilion’s curatorial project for the Architecture Biennale in Venice, Italy. The project builds a bridge between today and days to come, by extending the dialogue outside of the institutional context. Staying faithful to its own polyglot nature, AWC seeks to reveal the blindspots of socio-political transformations we currently experience by rehearsing a possible future.

The focus points of 2038 - discussions around relational architecting, property, collective governance, planetary rights, material resources, circular economy, technology, culture - explains the last decades as an overcome crisis of incalculable dimensions, transforming into a long expected systemic change, welcoming “The New Serenity”. Architecture as discipline is thus experienced within this issue as a polyphonic spree, decoding social relations, reconnecting with eco-systems, enacting disownership, redefining growth“

-Arts of the Working Class

General Intellect
3hd Festival “Crisis Management” / HAU Hebbel am Ufer (DE), 2020 

Animated theatre backdrops accompanying performance by Joanna Pope & Steph Holl-Trieu. 

“As part of 3hd 2020’s scaled-down but interconnected “UNHUMANITY” festival week, “Crisis Management” is the second of two performance evenings at HAU Hebbel Am Ufer expanding on this year’s themes exploring a transition between an untenable past and an uncertain future. The November 7 event builds on this year’s extended and decentralized programme (running across the global map since August) by recognizing natural and technological actors as equal partners, and bringing its audience closer to a new model for an interspecies community. With this in mind, two playfully-layered presentations reflect the deeply complex, multifaceted, and entangled issues and concerns surrounding such big topics as degrowth and decentralization, ecocritical theory and climate change. They are contributions that exist both online and offline, while generating a necessarily collective attempt to shape our shared future in a time of crisis.

“General Intellect” is a collaborative sound piece, a political compass distorted by melodic worldbuilding and pixelated fictional ventures with an original score by Pope, short fictions by Holl-Trieu and visuals by artist Sam Lubicz. Their audiovisual performance for 3hd is a cannibalization of both art and theory: Whirring drones drop weekly rations of solar-powered GMO berries; lithium rivers, more dead than alive, stream down the inside of your mind—try not to fall as you jog through this real world fantasy, stuffed with algo-steroids.”

-HAU Hebbel am Ufer


mutagen.xyz, 2021

Comic book cover + NFTs with mutating elements commisioned by Nik Kosmas.

“MutagenNFT is an NFT collection by internationally acclaimed artists and Solidity developers. It includes 40 NFTs (Geneses) that are on-chain mutable and revenue-generating. Accompanied by 4096 deflationary machine-generated NFTs (Mutagens) that the Genesis holders have to burn to trigger mutations. The third token type is Prints, static snapshots that capture the state of a Genesis.”



animation by Gretchen Lawrence

TANK Magazine (UK)
Issue 88, 2021

Digital paintings featured accompanying essay by Joanna Pope: Romanticize Your Life on Aesthetics Wiki, internet subcultures, and their many aesthetics.

The Long Morning
Chrondritic Sound (US), 2020

book cover for Lee Landey

“A befuddled immortal awakens to find himself abandoned on an empty Earth. A fractured society grapples with a technology beyond understanding. A woeful couple comes to a reckoning in their labyrinthine home. A familiar pair gallivants about the stars searching for figures from a distant past, lost to the infinitudes of time and expansion. These and other weird tales of paranoia, love, and the terror of endless space can be found in this enthralling collection from a promising new voice in the field of literary science fiction.”